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While parades and pub crawls are fun, you don’t need the luck of the Irish to create a successful St. Patrick’s Day party. Invite your pals over for a night of green beer, appetizers, and bingo. Don’t forget to remind everyone to wear green.  Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day in New Tecumseth with these great party tips.

Must-have Things at New Tecumseth Photo Booth for St. Patrick’s Day Party

1. Have Decorations in The National Colors of Ireland

New Tecumseth Photo Booth for St. Patrick’s Day Party

To welcome your guests to the party, drape streamers from corner to corner or hang them over the entryway. Fill up the adjacent ceiling area with free-floating balloons. Use green, orange, and white decorations to show honor to the Irish flag, or paint the space in rainbow hues to pay tribute to the leprechaun mythology.  

Moreover, choose a green tablecloth for your food/beverage tables, and white or St.Patrick themed New Tecumseth paper plates for your guests to dine on. As well as add orange napkins or plastic cups. To add the final touches, scatter a bunch of paper shamrocks on the tablecloth.

Fill a small pot halfway with candy coins that have been coated in gleaming gold leaf. You can use your delicious creation as a centerpiece for the dining table, or you can make several of them and scatter them about the room.

Pro Tip: To lead the way, place a pipe cleaner rainbow for each pot. Pots of gold and rainbows are great symbols for St. Patrick Day.

2. Have Everyone Dress Up in Green

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According to legend, wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is intended to make you invisible to leprechauns. If you don’t wear green, they’ll pinch you as soon as you cross their path. Make sure everyone is wearing green at your party as it is one of the colors of your party theme.

3. Have Various Foods at New Tecumseth Photo Booth for St. Patrick’s Day Party

New Tecumseth Photo Booth Rentals

To make the punch bowl suddenly more St. Patrick’s Day suitable, squeeze a few drops of green food coloring into it. If your guests are of legal drinking age, you can serve them something stronger, such as green beer or whiskey. Around a dish of guacamole, spinach, and artichoke dip, or hummus, lay small bits of broccoli, cucumbers, and celery. 

These things will go well with the green motif and provide a nutritious snack for your guests New Tecumseth to enjoy as they interact.Fish and chips and shepherd’s pie can be prepared ahead of time and tossed together quickly. Another alternative is to make an extra-large batch of corned beef and cabbage.

Pro Tip: Have loaves of soda bread to serve as a small dessert or with your Irish dinners.

4. Have a New Tecumseth Photo Booth Rental

New Tecumseth Photo Booth

Giving your guests printed out photos of themselves having a good time with others will be great gifts as they can look back at the memories made. Who doesn’t love to take group pictures with their friends or family? Especially with beautiful customizable backdrops and good lighting.  

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