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Prom is a monumental moment of high school for most people. Prom night Barrie is an event that you will look back at forever. Everyone will be looking their best, all glammed up and will have the chance to slay the night. 

Prom photos get posted on all social media platforms each year, and why not show off your elegant dresses and suits. Also, how about showing off how well put together your group of friends are. Even your parents will be sharing them with their friends. You might even keep a photo book Barrie to show your future children. Rent a photo booth Barrie for your prom.

Barrie Photo Booth – Best Senior Moments

You are going to get your perfect sunset photos, no doubt. But those professional pictures Barrie aren’t capturing the essence of your high school experience, and your friendships.

Get those group photos of you and your girlfriends or boyfriends by using a photo booth. Enjoy the company of your school friends. Prom is one of the last moments before everyone heads off to their next chapter in life. Here are four prom themes with some ideas on how to incorporate when renting from Barrie’s Show Booth rental services

1. Starry Night the for Barrie Photo Booth

Backdrop: Silver or Navy Blue Adding cut out stars or use our Balloons Barrie to create a half Moon

Props: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” Stars, Moon, “Make a Wish” “11:11” clock, Telescope 

Template: Navy Blue, Stars, with your school name and year

Pro Tip: Add some Twinkle lights around your backdrop to make the theme come to life!

Barrie Photobooth

2. Fire and Ice

Backdrop: Half Red Flame, Half Blue or White Wave (use our Balloons Barrie).

Props: Flames and Icicles, Red/orange Leis, glasses, ties, White/Light blue Top Hat, Scarf, Leis.

Template: Black background with Half red/orange flame, and White/Light Blue icicles, with your school name and year.

barrie Photo Booth

3. Around the World

Backdrop: Colour of your choice or a world Map

Props: World Flags, Street signs from different countries, Hot air Balloon, Maps, Sunglasses, Airplane, “I <3 Traveling”, Items that identify cultures, “hello” signs in different languages.

Template: World Map, with your school name and year

4. Enchanted Forest

Backdrop: Green with Barrie balloons to create the trees

Props: Animal Masks, flower crowns, fairy wands, fairy wings, green leis 

Template: Forest with your school name and year

Enchanted Forest Themed Photo Booth

Pro Tip: Add some Fairy lights around your backdrop to make the theme come to life!

How to Rent Barrie Photo Booth for Your Prom

Renting Barrie Photo Booth for your prom is easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Contact Barrie Photo Booth
    The first step is to contact Show Booth and inquire about their photo booth rental services. You can do this by visiting their website or calling their customer service.
  • Choose Your Package
    Barrie Photo Booth offers different rental packages that suit different needs and budgets. You can choose a package that fits your requirements.
  • Confirm Your Booking
    After choosing your package, you need to confirm your booking by paying the required deposit. Show Booth will then reserve your photo booth for your prom night.
  • Enjoy Your Prom Night
    On your prom night, Barrie Photo Booth will set up the photo booth at your chosen location. You and your friends can then take unlimited photos and have fun with the props provided


Capturing the best senior moments of prom night is something that everyone will cherish for years to come. A Barrie Photo Booth provides a fun and entertaining way to do just that.

From silly poses to heartfelt moments, the photos will be a constant reminder of a special night. So, don’t hesitate to book a photo booth for your next prom event and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact us for our photo booth rental services in Barrie, Orillia, Innisfil, New Tecumseth, Wasaga Beach, Huntsville, Bracebridge & Blue Mountain!